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Never Forget You


I wonít see your smile

And I wonít hear you laugh anymore

Every night I wonít see you

walk through that door


ĎCause time wasnít on your side

It isnít right

I canít say I love you

Itís too late to tell you

But I really need you to know


No, Iíll never forget you

Iíll never let you out of my heart

You will always be here with me

Iíll hold on to the memories baby


Baby, can you hear me

Wherever you may be tonight

Are you near me

I need you to be by my side


ĎCause I never say goodbye

It isnít right

I should have said I loved you

Why didnít I just tell you

God knows I need you to know




Somewhere I know youíll be with me

Someday in another time

But right now youíre gone

You just vanish away

But Iíll never leave you behind